Contest regulation

The Miss Trans Europa 2020 contest due to Covid-19 has been postponed to a later date!

For the competition to the Title of MISS TRANS EUROPA are valid the following rules:

-All Misses from 03 September 2021 until 07 September 2021 will have to publish on all social platforms by tagging the pages of Miss Trans Europa, Il Piccole Magazine and Piccole Trasgressioni.

In addition, all the competitors who will participate in television and / or radio programs, interviews and other related to the competition, at each publication on social networks must proceed with the same tags.

-All the contestants must belong to the European Union and must present the request for the suscription within 30 days from the day of the event;

– Present within the stablished hour for the organization ( on pain of to be exclused of the event), planned for the 16.00 hours, and within the first “Three” hours from their arrive, must do the official picture wearing jeans (not given) and the T-shirt (given for the organization), participating after in the drew of the layout for the parade catwalk. 

– Will recive the official costume which should be personally taken care of, on pain of pay a penal OF eur 25,00 for eventual lost. 

It’s necessary that every runner carry their own decorated shoes. For the costumes is requested a cocktail costume, (not given).

It’s rigorously requested to maintain an adecuated behavior during all the manifestation (on pain of the exclusion of the event). The winners must give their availability, in the case of beinf required their presence in tv programs, radiophonic programs and events with beneficial intentions. 

The suscription quote will be of EUR 120,00 and understands make up, hairdress, custome and t-shirt with the logo.

Just for request it’s a right of the runner to the selection with televote the possibility of watching the dates of the votes contributed by the centralist operators and the technic jury.

For the first runner up it will be reservated a mediated evening and a prize. 

The winner of the competition, will remain in charge all the next year and must be disposed for the sponsors in the while for interviews, photoshoots and promotional events on pain of the retirement of the titl